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Why measure radon

Radon is an invisible radioactive gas which you can't view or smell. It exists naturally in rocks and soils from where it can migrate into buildings. Radon is also emitted from certain building materials made out of rock materials with naturally high uranium content. High amounts of radon can also be found in water, especially if the water comes from a drilled well. Radon can increase the risk of getting lung cancer.

Tradition & quality

Landauer Nordic, former Gammadata Mätteknik, since October 2015 a company within the Lagercrantz Group, offers advanced measurement- and consulting services in the field of ionizing radiation. Our radon measuring methods are accredited due to standards of SSM (Swedish Radiation Protection Institute), PHE (Public Health England, UK) and SWEDAC (Swedish Board of Accreditation and Conformity Assesment). By choosing our laboratory, you can always be sure you recieve reliable results and high quality measurements.